Karl Nawrot/Walter Warton (Saint-Mandé, FR), info@voidwreck.com


Pierre Paulin — Petit. Précis. Illustré., 2016, T&P Publishing (Paris, FR)
50 paintings/drawings and a poster for a publication dedicated to the french designer Pierre Paulin. Written by Catherine Geel and designed by Building Paris.
Released in May 2016 (ISBN 979–10–95513–00–1)
(Images: untitled, acrylic on paper, 210 mm × 297 mm / CM 170 vs Coconut (left) and Élysée (right), acrylic on paper, 210 mm × 297 mm)

Mind Walk III, 2015, Bel Ordinaire (Pau, FR)
Solo exhibition at the contemporary art space of Pau, 2.XII.2015 — 30.I.2016.

Thanks to: Florence de Mecquenem, Claire Lambert, Claire Oyallon, Alix Allain,
Laurent Agut, Angelika Bauer, Marc Dutriez, James Langdon.
(Images: exhibition view / A Piece of White Noise III, 2015, loop animation)

Part I/II — Natural History, 2015, Art Sonje Center (Seoul, KR)
Art Sonje Center presents an animation on its intro page of the website as the first Art Sonje Web Project. Natural History piles up 60 natural elements in 60 seconds in the manner of a child’s game, hinting at a primitive form of architecture. Proposed with the renovation of Art Sonje Center.

MCA U, 2015, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (US)
Family of 9 fonts designed for the new identity of the MCA Chicago.
Project in collaboration with Mevis and van Deursen (Amsterdam, NL)
(Images: construction principle and fonts in use / skeleton)