Karl Nawrot/Walter Warton (Saint-Mandé, FR), info@voidwreck.com




LIG, (April — June) 2014, LIG Art Hall (Seoul, KR), offset printing, 524 mm × 767 mm
16 Posters for a series of concerts* and performances** organized by 7 artists in residency at the LIG Art Hall.
Thanks to: Na Kim, Moonkyang 'Dalgang' Park (assistant) and Top Process (printer).
(Images: [I] Oki Kim, Operation Music* (1/4) / Soonho Park, Judo** / Daeuk Heo, Piano, Orchestra Approaching Solo Recital* / Oki Kim, Operation Music* (2/4)
Byungjun Kwon, Lyrics of a Cheap Android* (1/2) / Sangmin Lee, Seoul — New York Junction* / Oki Kim, Operation Music* (3/4) / Sumi Jang, I of Eye**)
The series won the 1st prize at the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont in 2015.